Comprehensive Business Case Development

Comprehensive Business Case Development

12-13 Maret 2018
7-8 Mei 2018
9-10 Juli 2018
17-18 September 2018
12-13 November 2018

Lokasi Pelatihan:

IDR 5.650.000

Every project has its purpose. A unique purpose and a clear objective that the organization is keen to achieve. As we all understand, the reason of the project existence has always been part of a larger strategy. Whether it is part of a program or a certain portfolio. Or as a key project that brings vital values to the entire organization.

Any projects undertaken by the organization are selected ones. Selected from many ideas, various initiatives and tons of proposals in which organization is willing to spend their precious and limited resources.

It is important that any Project and Program Managers, know and truly understand that their projects are supported by a robust well-crafted business case. Then and only then their project is good enough to be supported by the management or to get buy-in from their clients or investors.

A good and well-crafted business case helps organizations and decision makers to decide whether the project is worth its value and the resources that they have. Whether it can bring greater results for its business and/or its operation. Bring values to their business.

A comprehensive business case for a project will take into consideration many aspects from various point views why this project must be selected and taken to the next phase. Showcasing both its tangible and intangible benefits. The benefits that can only be reaped by completing the project.

This Comprehensive Business Case Development workshop is designed to help Project and Program Managers to better understand the rationale why a project is existed and to develop a good and comprehensive business case. This hands-on workshop will also guide them step by step to come up with a good business case that will help them convince the upper management to venture in their project.


By following this workshop, participants will :

  • Understand Strategic Project Management
  • Understand Portfolio-Program-Project Management concept
  • Understand the key elements of a business case
  • Be able to construct a comprehensive business case document
  • Be able to analyze a project’s feasibility
  • Be able to convey a project’s values to its stakeholders


  • Project Management Revisited
  • Portfolio-Program Management Concept
  • Product-Project Life Cycle
  • Business Case Principles
  • Elements of Business Case
  • Tangible Financial Aspects
  • Intangible Aspects
  • Risk Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Case Writing Exercise


To join this program, participants must already completed Professional Project Management program or similar programs and already familiar with PMBOK® Guide issued by PMI®.


All Program Managers/Project Managers/Leaders
Project managers & leaders who wish to learn more strategic approach in managing projects and programs at their organizations.

All Managers/Professionals
All professionals who are involved in projects. From various backgrounds & industries i.e.: HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement, FMCG, Insurance, Telco, etc.


This program facilitators are dedicated and seasoned project practitioners. They have extensive project management experiences and are experienced facilitators.

Dcolearning programs are in conformance with the quality standards set and following the latest edition of PMBOK® Guide issued by PMI®.

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